The Pied Piper's MagicThe Pied Piper's Magic

You've heard tell of a long-ago city infested with rats. The Grand Duke of this place had commanded every grown-up to work night and day in his favorite factories, and every child to take part in shooing the rats away from the monuments.

But what you haven't heard is the tale of Peterkin the elf, a poor but cheerful fellow who had recently received the gift of a magical pipe.

No, this isn't the pied piper you're imagining, a selfish and unforgiving man. This piper will work happy miracles before he resumes his journey. Read this book and see for
your self.

Here's the pied Piper tale re imagined as only beloved story teller Steven Kellogg could: whimsical, friendly, and full of glorious surprises-an unabashed statement about the transformative power of generosity and love.
The Pied Piper